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The Best Web Design Ideas For 2020

Are you planning on building a new site in 2020? Are you going to be giving an old site a fresh new look? If you’re going to be creating or changing a site, you’ll want to think about what people are looking for. Keep these web design ideas at the top of your mind.

When Speed is Good

Even if you have a beautifully-designed site, users will be turned off if it loads in slowly. Today’s users are impatient, and they have no shortage of options. You’ll want to make sure your site is as fast as possible.

Building a speedy site can help you in many other ways. For example, fast load times can improve your search engine rankings. When you’re building a new site, you should make sure that speed is your number one priority. Be ready to scrap features if they increase your load times.

Minimize Clicks

Users don’t want to have to do a lot of clicking in order to get to what they’re looking for. Instead of requiring your users to click through lots of pages to find what they want, you should allow them to scroll to the pages that they want to reach.

Your users should be able to navigate to the pages that they want to visit without having to do a lot of clicking. As a general recommendation, users shouldn’t have to click more than three times to reach any of the pages on your site.

Stick To A Minimalist Design

You’ll want to make sure that your site has a clean and simple design. Sliders and carousels may look flashy, but research has shown that users don’t appreciate them. These features can also cause issues when someone is trying to access your site on a mobile device.

Instead of working to create a flashy design with a lot of bells and whistles, you’ll want to stick to something that’s clean and simple. Don’t worry about whether your site is boring. Users aren’t looking for an amazing-looking site. They want a clean, easy-to-navigate that that offers a lot of excellent content.

Limit The Use Of Stock Photos

You should be cautious about your use of stock photos. While using photos on a site is an excellent way to break up the text on your site, it’s generally very easy for users to detect generic stock photos.

Instead of using these kinds of images on your site, you should try to create original images whenever possible. For example, you might want to build infographics for your site. Infographics are informative and make information easier to digest.

You don’t have to avoid stock photos entirely, but you should be careful not to use them too much. Instead, try to use a variety of images on your site.

Keep these web design tips in mind as we move forward into 2020. You should take care when building websites so that you can make sure you get the results you’re aiming for. If you follow the right design tips, you’ll get better results overall.

Proudly Build By 2020 Armagh Web Design Agency | John Paul McGeown Web Designer

Proudly Build By 2020 Armagh Web Design Agency | John Paul McGeown Web Designer